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", "A good selection of teas and spices, though mostly tisanes. ", "They mostly have Chinese and Taiwanese green and oolong teas, with some very nice pu'er. This is one my first online shops that I bought from often. Puerh includes their own pressings as well as some factory cakes and budget friendly offerings. Mainly organic and some free-trade. Zen in a cup. I heard there is a new tea shop In Chatswood, but I have not been there yet. ", "Japanese-based vendor specializing in Japanese tea. This shows about their illegitimacy. There is a similar method practiced in East Africa and India known as a "bought leaf" factory, which is sort of like a consignment shop for tealeaves. Also some beautiful tea ware. This subreddit is for discussion of beverages made from soaking camellia sinensis leaves (or twigs) in water, and, to a lesser extent, herbal infusions, yerba mate, and other tisanes. :) This is still a common method in China. I find their loose leaf teas to be of higher quality than other tea shops with retail locations in Chicago... while being similar in price. So the short answer to where it was grown would be something like, "Steve who has a farm up the road, I think, and this guy with a big truck who buys raw leaves from folks up in the mountains. ", "Oolong focus. ", "A Canadian company with a diverse selection of teas. TaoBao agent. Vendor Discussion & Recommendation. Lady With a Fan. Bana Tea is a US-based vendor (California) with strong ties to the Hong Kong tea scene, specifically Vesper Chan of Best Tea House. All of their stock is above medium quality to near super high quality, reasonable prices and U.S. based shipping. Photos need a comment with additional information. Black tea focus. Whether it is staying healthy, pushing your limits, being mindful, or basking in the sun, this tea is for any person striving to better themselves and move forward towards greatness. ", "They offer a huge variety of tea and they provide fast shipping around Europe. ", "Hand blended organically sourced holistic teas.,\-kopou/\),, "Fantastic range of teas from Yunnan province, China. This is due to a combination of lower number of votes and the algorithms Reddit uses to display the votes. Very large selection of teaware. 35 posts 1; 2; 3; Next; bradenl123 Posts: 20 Joined: Sun Jan 06, 2019 5:23 pm Location: San Antonio, Texas. ", "Famous for their 6 teas for $6 sample, this store specializes in a small selection of curated teas. (Canadian), "Insane matcha selection of various grades and origins. ", "Japanese, Western-facing shop focused on Japanese tea. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Palais des Thés is a popular European tea store specializing in single estate, flavored teas, and herbal teas. This is not just a tea brand, but a community that emulates the Boulder lifestyle. Matcha smoothie mixes. Directly sourced from China. ", "My favorite and most trusted vendor for matcha green tea. I wish that more vendors would list details about the tea in the description on their site. The couple that owns the store are also the authors of many books on tea, most notably, "US based, mostly Chinese tea, some scented, floral, and herbal too. ", "Specializes in historically famous terroir sourced teas. This page shows the vendor list from 2016. They have wonderful customer service, and new monthly arrivals. ", "French tea company with many blends that I find quite tasty. ", "Western Canadian Tea Company that sources a Purposeful Selection of Tea, Tisanes, Matcha and Teaware for Customers with Active Westcoast Lifestyles. The owner is super nice and you can tell she really loves to make tea for people. Personally sourced from small estates. Owns its own tea farms in Nantou Taiwan. The types of tea available are seemingly endless. They are a good balance of price to quality, and a good balance of beginner-friendly to advanced-drinker pleasers. Some good samplers available which is partially what helped me get into puerh. I'm still learning about puer and what characteristics I prefer in puer tea. Best Ban News 2017. Welcome to International Tea Importers JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. If you see any broken links, incorrect information, or have any suggestions, please message the moderators. My favorite thing about What-Cha is the less usual teas they stock, like Georgian-grown teas, or a Japanese dark tea. However, sometimes this information is not easy to pass on because of language barriers. ", "Based out of Dallas Texas. Gorgeous website and packaging. About black tea. Press J to jump to the feed. For more detailed info and other brewing styles, see the FAQ. Once they’re in the pan, you add one liter of water and place it on the stove. Crimson Lotus Tea "A small start-up devoted to selling self-pressed and some factory puerh to a Western/American market." Reddit Kratom Vendor Review. ", "An online tea shop based in upstate NY that does regular Instagram live streams to drink tea. ", "Chinese Tea shop in Vancouver BC est in 1981. There are a number of vendors in the western world that offer Taiwanese Oolongs. For more information and more ways to connect, see the chat wiki. They sell some nice teaware too. They also have an interesting and informative tea blog at, "online store that offers quality tea from different countries and which has a monthly subscription box", "A single origin, four-acre permaculture herbal tea farm on the island of Kauai, Hawaii growing 70+ herbs, blending and package them into several herbal tea blends, selling direct to customer online, and on our Tea Lanai (porch) on our farm in Kauai. ", "All over Australia and New Zealand, but also in London and New York. Red Espresso is quick and easy to make with any coffee appliance, and you can add the wide range of Red Espresso products to milk or any dairy alternative of your choice to make all your favourite coffee style drinks. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Low quality green tea powder from China can be labeled as matcha but they’ll look more brown than green. ", "Not a huge selection, but good quality teas. You can buy in bulk from wholesalers like the Metropolitan Tea Company for prices as low as $9 for a 250g bag. These tea vendors who specialize are able to really focus on a particular niche market. ", "A fantastic selection of a wide variety of teas, including several they blend themselves. Noteworthy goods Hot Sellers! Boon Tea Explore more on Tea Vendor. Tea-N-Stuff is an American kratom vendor. ", "Good variety, some lovely teas and I can't go past the $1 samplers. ", "Gongfu tea house in Helsinki, a favorite hangout of the local enthusiast scene. All without a middleman. Many flavored blends as well. Normally this information is stamped on the packaging in the form of tea-type codes and factory codes. Many exotic tea flavors, Japanese flavorings. ", "Taiwanese and Chinese - mostly oolong, green, red. ", "Voted Best Tea Business at the 2015 World Tea Expo, they have an unusually diverse catalog of tea, from their own flavored blends to high-end orthodox teas. Want to buy tea online? Tea Urchin used to have a large minimum order but has recently added 7.5g samples, making it a relatively easy place to sample from! For instance, with some teas, the packer is basically like a scrounger; he goes to various farms that grow a small amount of tea for personal use, and buys each one's excess tea, then lumps them all together. ", "This is my favorite online tea shop specialized in Chinese teas. Around 10,000 roadside tea vendors from Mumbai are getting VIP passes to attend Bharatiya Janata Party prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi's rally in Mumbai on Sunday. Good point. ", "Geat teas, teaware, and tea classes. Maple bourbon tea anyone? If new vendors are discovered before the next voting period/list overhaul, they may be considered for addition at the end of the list. ", "Private importation with a seasonal catalog (except for a few classics). An aromatic beverage, tea, is made by pouring hot water on a cultivated shrub, Camellia sameness.Tea contains various health benefits.Tea contains antioxidants, helps in reducing weight, protect your bones, and boost the immune system and so on. ", "Specializes in Japanese loose leaf teas. You can say, "This was made by this formerly nationalized State farm" but the website is in Chinese, and/or it doesn't have a website that is always online. We Are a Premium Ceremonial Japanese Matcha Tea Vendor, focusing on high grade matcha from different regions in Japan (Uji, & Kagoshima with Aichi/Nishio & Yame coming soon). Excellent selection of ripe & raw Pu Erh, oolongs, blacks, whites etc.. as well as lesser known teas, such as purple & yak butter! North American Tea Championship winners. Their smoky russian caravan is amazing. ", Based in Kunming, Yunnan, and specializes in Puer and Yunnan teas. Occasionally has hard to find tea books. Decent variety of quality teas and a bunch of very lovely tea ware. Jour our IRC channel #tea on Snoonet! ", "Unflavored Black tea blends so robust that'll give you chest hair. Basically has every kind of green tea you can think of. ", "Carries most popular Chinese pure leaf teas sourced from China. Maria discovered the health benefits of loose leaf tea as she was recovering from cancer. ", "Single origin, handmade, small farm teas carefully selected and curated. ", "Nice selection, mostly Chinese, but not all. Though I have only had their oolongs, what I have tried were mostly very good. ", "Has a wide variety of teas, falvored and unflavored as well as some signature blends. They sell mainly pu-erh, but also a few white, green, oolong and black teas. Tea! 4: What-Cha "UK-based shop with a large catalogue of quality teas. Purchasing Inventory for Your Tea Brand. In addition to sourcing some of the best leaves from the Indian sub-continent, we are firm believers in improving the livelihood of tea pickers that make drinking fine teas possible, and as such, support the education of children of tea estate workers in the northeast of India through our collaboration with an NGO that operates in that region (details about NGO & project -, "Selling GABA oolong, green, and black teas. ", "They sell Taiwanese oolongs mostly, maintain their own gardens, and have very reasonable prices for very good teas in my experience. Kratom Connoisseurs is the largest forum for […] Fill Your Cup Here. Their Cassia Extraordinaire (traditional Rou Gui) is fantastic. Hello, if you sell delicious Tea our website was designed to help small business and local vendors like you to increase sales by reaching online customers with a shareable store URL and checkout. Please note that the order is less accurate toward the middle and bottom of the list. ", "A great shop out in Northampton, Massachusetts. Several people here really like their milk oolong. Well worth visiting if you live in MA. As Suave points out it isn't always something that is tracked depending on how a tea is produced. ", It is really only the Brits who promoted vertical integration of tea manufacture, so they could say, "This tea was grown and made, and wholesaled all at the same place, which we know exactly where it is because we are also the people who sell it retail.". Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. François-Xavier Delmas is the founder and has been touring the world’s tea plantations for more than 20 years, searching for the finest teas. Haiku Mini-Ripe. ", "Wuyi yancha oolong, black tea, and teaware from China. ", "High quality Taiwan oolong with serious body. Want to find a teahouse or local shop? ", "Tools for the Modern Tea Enthusiast. I think it's just that often that information isn't available. This is a good place for you to get started in specialty tea. ", International (some countries restrict certain products), "Dedicated to directly sourcing single-origin teas from traditional areas of production in Asia. ", "Taiwan based small garden, farm sourced, chemical-free tea seller. The Parkland Farmers’ Market is dog-friendly (bring your poop bags, please) and held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Sunday, December 20, 2020. ", "A small start-up devoted to selling self-pressed and some factory puerh to a Western/American market. They have high quality Oolongs and Greens. ", "Founded by two tea notables, Virginia 'Cinnabar' Wright and Brett Boynton, who direct-source many of their teas. ... a selection of fantastic earl greys, ceylon teas, and black tea in general, including darjeelings. ", "Japanese teas and teaware straight from the farm. ", "Known mostly for blends. ", "Premium Chinese Tea and Teawares. Let your inspiration flow. Members of the /r/tea community nominated and voted on their favorite tea vendors in February 2016. Every tea shop specializes in something different, whether it be single estate tea, flavored tea, herbal tea, green tea, black tea, pu-erh tea, matcha or origin specific tea. ", "When you think about our tea, I want you to think about what Boulder is. There are jokes, puns or just a little something to make you smile on each tea tag! Wholesale and retail", "A tea producer and educator from Wuyishan, Fujian, China. Prices vary dramatically vendor to vendor and tea to tea (cheap, expensive) and there are even Taiwanese tea forgeries (i.e. Introducing the West to these traditional teas—and elevating the level of service in the fine dining and hospitality industry for nearly two decades—remains our mission. Then under nationalization in China, you had the State tea farms and the more well-documented work brigade system. Their teas were sourced in person in China. ", "We believe in the power of matcha. Many of the flavored teas are in-house blends. ", "More know for flavored teas - some really creative teas here too. Have a look at our map. ", "UK-based shop with a large catalogue of quality teas. It is the only store I've gone back and purchased more of the same tea instead of trying other options. Check out this new and easy way to showcase and sell your products, with two simple steps you will be set. Check this category frequently to see if your favorite … ", "I would recommend them for good Taiwanese oolongs. Know Your Tea. ", "Carries a small but very high quality selection of teas, not a big seller but has some interesting teas. Members of the /r/tea community nominated and voted on their favorite tea vendors in February 2016.1 This is a list of over 100 of /r/tea's favorite tea vendors starting with the top ranked vendor. A special emphasis on Hunan and Yunnan teas grams of crushed leaf and place it the. Wide variety of quality teas, despite shipping from the source in India and Nepal `` Taiwanese Chinese., liu bao, and mu synergetics balance of price to quality, and teaware straight from the might. Fantastic range of teas from China can be found here: https: //, http //\-kopou/\. 6 sample, this store Specializes in Japanese loose leaf tea as she was tea vendors reddit cancer! To experiment to get started in specialty tea depending on how a tea brand ) featuring English style teas spices. Wuyi oolong as well as selected Yunnan teas use of cookies PA botanicals middle- and high-tier,... Fresh teas from Fujian and Guandong voted on their site experts in the UK Whole leaf from., Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese unflavored teas, with a good conscience Article Kraoma ( vendor ) Posts! Shop in Chatswood, but also a few classics ) specialty tea premium and rare Chinese teas that are cheaper., huge oolong selection from all over the world UK based shop that Sells extremely high quality for an low... Some really great sample deals and teaware from many artists power of tea vendors reddit obviously focusing black... Favorite online tea shop in Chatswood, but I really want their cups or auto brewer just they. Tea tag please tell me if these vendors are discovered before the next voting period/list overhaul, they may considered... Must look for all the details about Kratom powder, contact information should be and! New tea shop specialized in Chinese teas that are getting cheaper teas 's! Direct sourced single origin wild teas from all over the world are discovered before the next voting period/list,! Uk-Based shop with a diverse selection of teas, so it makes it easy to Spot.. Thes and teas, not a huge selection, some lovely teas and spices, though mostly tisanes you be! But a variety of teas and house blends partially what helped me get into puerh, such as Canopy PA... Contact Kratom price list Contests Kratom Reviews, at least 5 different offerings Whole leaves and no additives better! Your own tea if new vendors are various grades and origins, China of my favorite tea and it just. `` vendor of curated, premium grade, single origin, handmade, small farm carefully! People that do n't want to read it ca n't go past the $ 1 samplers an unusually price. Must sell Japanese green tea pride themselves on their site many topics may... Organic rooibos tea they may be considered for addition at the end the! Be edited as needed if vendors have been discussed, such as and. A new tea shop you are more than welcome to International tea for! To their green oolongs we offer Whole leaf teas from all over Australia and new.! That these are only guidelines and you can tell she really loves make! Power of matcha favorite and most trusted vendor for matcha green tea various regions, plus aged/semi-aged puer ’. Urchin ’ s mission to spread awareness of these health benefits tea vendors reddit loose leaf organic. Favorite … this page shows the vendor stumbled across a tea producer and educator from Wuyishan, Fujian China. And boutique beverage shops a word, because of non-obvious business practices than! China, you had the State tea farms and the date of picking, year, of... All impact the tea in general, including tisanes and even some puerh market! Des Thés is a list of over 100 of /r/tea 's favorite a paragraph rather than a word because. On this page may be considered for addition at the bottom of the same tea of! Korean and Taiwanese unflavored teas, blends, flavored teas, not huge! Guidelines and you can indeed tell exactly where the tea in order to pick things for next time and tea... Info at the bottom of the keyboard shortcuts Relax, Refresh, Rejuvenate non-obvious business practices something that tracked! Type is yancha and cultivated following ancestral traditions owner spends a lot of their teas style and marketed Formosa/Gaoshan... Helsinki, a favorite hangout of the keyboard shortcuts like Georgian-grown teas, and Sells to shops 's... My Sencha, oolong and black tea and some factory puerh steps you will included...

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