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They do well in Virginia (zone 6B) in both full sun and half shade, and actually do fine in moist soil as long as it is well drained. A. But as thyme creeps it roots, and starts new plants, which in turn live 2-3 years. Still green and spreading!I'm glad I read your article, as I was looking to get some blue star! Get Pricing and Availability. Any suggestions? Unfortunately, the only remedy I've found is weed killer. Star news apps. If you decide to plant it by dividing the root ball, then break the root ball by hand or by shear. You can dry them out in the hot sun for several days to dry them, but the best bet to get rid of star-of-Bethlehem completely is to dispose of them in a green materials waste bin. I can say from personal experience that ferns are quite nice in a woodland setting - things like lady fern (recommended in that article above) or really any of the native Dryopteris ferns.I think you can't go wrong with wild strawberry (Fragaria virginiana), Robin's plantain (Erigeron pulchellus), Packera obovata (golden groundsel), Asarum canadense (wild ginger) or Mitchella repens (partridge berry, although this is a very low-growing groundcover and again I question its weed-blocking abilities).The *native* pachysandra (Pachysandra procumbens) and several of the woodland phloxes (covered in that article above) might work well. Blue star creeper (Pratia pedunculata) Blue star creeper is a popular ground cover for moist environments. I'm sure one of these will work. Blue, star-like blooms. Introduce Ladybugs to Your Tomato Plant. Simple theme. Its pointy leaves remain green in color throughout the season. I'm open to other options you think might work for me. Im in Zone 9b, Northern Cali. Great! Blue, star-like blooms. It's grown just fine in heavy clay in full sun for me. That's why I thought a nice, full groundcover would be good. Hi Nancy,Thanks for your question. So I don't think they would grow thickly in a woodland setting, nor do I think a 1-inch tall groundcover (in my experience) will block most weeds.6) The best advice I can give you is to plant a variety of low-growing woodland native plants. A. Hundreds! i have ordered several times from this vendor and the one thing I like best is the great root system of each plant. Then we had some heavy rains and large portions of the yard flooded with muddy water. Hi Aaron,I have a similar question but I live in Washington D.C. (Zone 6b or 7 I believe). I didn't know you were going for a Japanese theme. Blue star creeper seems to work better as a garden plant in the PNW than in lots of other climates.I could see where it would make sense as a lawn replacement (probably would never need mowing), but you might want to think about strategies to keep it from invading any flower beds etc. I am considering blue star creeper for the top of a steep bank where the grass will not grow well. Or maybe use large paving stones to create a sort of patio and then garden in pots and other containers? Ah. Or is that not a concern for you? Or that it simply plays nicely with other plants in mixed perennial and shrub beds?I don't think blue star creeper was reproducing by seeds in my garden, just spreading by underground rhizomes.And when I express my concern about invasive exotic plants, I'm not usually/often concerned about my own problems, but rather on the unknown consequences of unleashing exotic plants onto local ecosystems. For our Utah yard, Star Creeper has been great, and I am glad we planted it. How low were you thinking? This bed is bordered on two sides by neighbor grass which was a problem to keep out of the flower bed, The creeper has done well competing with the invasive grass. Rather than trying to re-engineer your land, I'd encourage you to try to figure out which plants might thrive under the conditions you already have.Good luck! Ideally I would like to have paver stones with creeping thyme or blue star creeper in between to form the pathway between the planter boxes. I'd like a groundcover for the borders of my yard, maybe something that can take light foot traffic. Low growing groundcover. In 2009 we planted blue star creeper in a sun/shade bed. Blue star creeper can be described as having medium water needs. 3) You could try a broadleaf weed killer. unless pruned, which I presume might interfere with your lake view.5) Which raises another question. This article includes some tips regarding its planting and care. Happy to help :)PS - One other option I meant to suggest is yarrow (Achillea millefolium). 04/09/2019 As usual plants arrived in excellent condition. Pull to remove the roots from the soil, and move your hand to the next section and continue pulling until the matted plant is removed completely from the soil. Thank you for the references! GKH_Susan Certified GKH Gardening Expert. This second growing season it has at least doubled in size. It could look a bit wild, but if it works you might have lots of beautiful flowers that would attract hummingbirds and butterflies, followed by bright red-orange berries for the birds. When and how is the best time and method to kill off invasive winter-creeper? Actually, I love this ground creeper. If you are going to amend on clay soil, the advice I've read that makes most sense to me is to mound the soil up and plant high to increase the plant's chances of survival.6) Not every plant needs well-drained loam. Does anyone have a suggestion about how to deal with the weeds that have taken over the creeper? Thanks for another recommendation on mother of thyme. If you are planting from blue star creeper seed, then put soil in the planter and moisten the soil. Blue star creeper is easy to grow and extremely versatile and rugged. Based on all the negative comments, I'm thinking I need to consider something else. Few other ground covers are as easy or long-blooming as blue star creeper ( Isotoma fluviatilis ). I (thankfully) don't have any experience with bindweed, so not sure what to suggest to cope with that. If one of these (or something else) ends up working out for you, please come back and let us know!! Answered on July 5, 2020. It has been left in a natural state...bare under the tree canopy. Many, many thanks! I have it in a small dry, hot sunny patch where it is well behaved, and has been a stable clump for several years. But thats a ton of water for my whole yard. My guess is that you won't be pleased with its performance in summer or winter. This is a very large area that gets sun and shade and no foot traffic. Then again, I don't actually like grass, so if it started spreading into adjacent lawn areas, I'd probably just try removing the grass in hopes the ajuga would take over those spots so I could plant perennials and shrubs among it. Outsidepride Creeping Speedwell Ground Cover Plant Seed - 1000 Seeds. I'm also looking at Corsican Mint and Rupture Wort. I have spent years chasing Winter Creeper, Vinca and Obedient Plant (an oxymoron) around the garden in an attempt to eradicate it, and I can see I would be doing the same with Blue Star. If that's an option you suggest which type is my best bet? Roundup killed much of it, at least the stuff I could see. If you feel like it's a good garden plant where you garden, then I'm glad you shared your perspective here so readers can make their own decisions about whether to incorporate blue star creeper into their designs. Blue star creeper (Laurentia fluviatilis or Isotoma fluviatilis), true to its common name, is a creeping evergreen. Thanks for the comment and sharing your experience.I'm glad to hear blue star creeper is working for you. I will look at the publication with great hope!! Mother of thyme is hardiest and does not (here in my garden) have crown die out. I live in East TN. I'm near Portland OR and first saw Blue Star Creeper at a park mixed in the grass lawn. I wouldnt say it doesnt suppress weeds and label it invasive. It has beautiful blue flowers in autumn that attract butterflies and I think the foliage is pretty too. I know bad stuff. Do you find that it only spreads a certain distance and stops? :). I'm not sure if blue star creeper is susceptible to broadleaf weed … Pratia pedunculata, Laurentia fluviatilis or Isotoma fluviatilis, Read some of the other negative experiences that Dave's Garden reviewers have had. Isn't it sad that someone gave 'Obedient' plant its name? Q. isotoma blue star creeper. If you have some shade in the area, you could try Mitchella repens (partridge berry, I have not tried it myself, but I believe that Phyla nodiflora (frogfruit, could be a good low-growing groundcover option for sun for you.Both those plants are native to your area. I will let them go a long time without rain, but will not let them go more than 3 weeks in our hot summer without a drink. I have a slight variation to some others' comments/questions: I just put in some Turfstone-equivalent pavers which are big concrete blocks with a bunch of ~4 inch square openings to allow water to drain and foliage to grow through. Well, sorry you had to go through the hassle of planting and then un-planting, but hopefully you saved yourself a lot of work in the long run! Perhaps a perennial like California fuchsia (Epilobium canum) or a low-growing shrub like coast buckwheat (Eriogonum latifolium)?If you go with a native, the odds are that the plant will have a better chance of thriving in your local environment -- and perhaps contributing to the ecosystem -- without a lot of coddling or inputs from you.Since Northern California natives are very different from Tennessee natives, I'd encourage you to visit one of your local botanic gardens (San Francisco? (I should qualify that by saying I don't know if it can spread by seed as well as by roots. I'm going to give it a chance in a pot that is on the patio and far away from my herb/flower garden. I LOVE it and think it's absolutely gorgeous year round. I accidently happened upon your blog and you saved my garden! They only thing that controls its spread is the weed killer. I know you were probably hoping for a single suggestion, but there's no magic bullet in landscaping. It is characterized by short, dark green foliage and delicate, pale blue to purple flowers that grow upwards on slender stalks. Blue Star Creeper - Laurentia axillaris - 10 Count Flat of Quart Pots A dainty little groundcover growing 1 inch or less in height and tolerating moderate foot traffic, Blue Star Creeper is perfect for use to fill the gaps between stepping stones and pavers, as a groundcover, or as a soil cover in container gardens. Blue star creeper has a spreading and mounding growth habit, forming a dense, low mat of leafy green foliage. Read Also: Blue Star Creeper Plant Care. I think I actually have more moss on my property in partial sun than in shade, although the moss does seem to go 'dormant' (not sure if that's the right term for moss) during hot and dry weather, it returns and expands during cooler and rainier seasons.Hope this helps!! After reading your article, I went out and dug it up. Do they tend to be long-lived in your garden? Isotoma fluviatillis Blue Star Creeper The #1 selling STEPABLE® plant!! I need laws cover for mostly shaded area, something that can withstand foot traffic (including an active toddler), low maintenance / prefer no mowing, drought tolerant. of 12-12-12 fertilizer per 100 square feet (9 m.²). Leaves are dark green. Blooms all summer. Outsidepride Creeping Speedwell Ground Cover Plant Seed - 1000 Seeds. Do you think it would be a good option? Blue star creeper is also resistant to rabbits and deer. It is a rhizome. :)Here are some more groundcover options for you - aware that drought-tolerant plants often need good drainage. Blue star creeper is native to Australia and New Zealand and has many different varieties. I don't want to get rid of all of the mobs. So I need something for those areas specifically to absorb or hide/cover the water and yet maintain my Japanese garden theme. My original plan was to just put in sod plugs, but I thought something a little prettier and hopefully better smelling would be a nice touch. Low growing groundcover. If you have to resort to weed killer to protect other plants, I won't judge you. Aaron, we live in zone 8 and are looking for ground cover for a hill along the carport. Learn tips for creating your most beautiful (and bountiful) garden ever. I once used to recommend it as a groundcover, but have found it both less attractive and far more aggressive/invasive than Biokovo geranium.Good luck! I've never tried most of these plants, but I have grown Ajuga, which does quite well for me in partial shade and can spread to make a nice lawn alternative. Instead, I think the most beautiful, durable and sensible option will be to find what grows locally in your woodlands in East Tennessee and try to replicate that in your backyard.No matter what you do, I suspect that you'll have woody plants (either exotic weeds or native shrubs and trees) try to sprout through the groundcover layer. Last year we planted the creeper as a two foot boarder in another large sun garden, and also in a third garden that gets a lot of shade. I'm afraid that if I had the fabric and rock, it would all become muddy and contaminate after the next rain storms. ive read that pouring hot boiling water can slow their growth. I find that lemon thyme and the others tend to move around a bit as their roots establish new plants, If needed, I simply rearrange/replant the new smaller clumps in spring. My advice -- stay far, far away. It's not native to South Carolina, but it does grow naturally in southern Alabama, so I would think it should tolerate your climate and conditions, Sedges look like grasses, but they are not actually grasses. It's pretty scary stuff. $9.95 $ 9. Fertilizing once at the beginning of the growing season with an all-purpose fertilizer will help to … The different varieties of blue star creeper mainly vary in their leaf sizes and shapes. I've contained it to a bed on the edge of my grass for 10+ years. Hi SteveThanks for your question.I think you're smart to look for alternatives to blue star creeper.If you're OK with something a little aggressive, how about the native blue mistflower (Conoclinium coelestinium - For instance, if your patio is shady, your native wintergreen looks like a good choice - Gaultheria procumbens, fact, the wintergreen plant is the source of the original wintergreen flavor. The Star creeper has not invaded the neighbor's grass or our lawn in over 5 years. Hi Christy,Happy to try to help. Buy a bag of living ladybugs from a local nursery, cut the bag open, and allow the ladybugs to come out onto the tomato plants. Small seedlings can be pulled up by hand after the ground is wet." I live in Arizona and we have two large trees that have caused our lawn to disappear. i have ordered several times from this vendor and the one thing I like best is the great root system of each plant. I was disappointed at first, then I read your post, now I think it'll be fine to plant. Buy Blue Star Creeper online. I started playing right about the time 1.8 came out, so I'm kinda new. I planted mother of thyme, scotch moss, and yellow veronica in between stepping stones as a test to see which could make it through our hot, dry summers here in Fort Worth. At $100/cu yard for some of them, the rocks are not cheap. Generally speaking, I try to avoid spraying any herbicides. Leaves are dark green. I've trialed a lot of plants over the past 5-6 years and though my experiences are by no means definitive, I can at least share what I've learned.) Ladybugs are harmless to tomato plants but harmful to bugs that pester tomato plants, such as aphids, and their eggs. It grows in a spreading and mounding habit reaching a maximum height of three to five inches, which makes it an excellent no-mow ground cover choice for residential lawns and gardens. Of Aaron blog I came across your blog! Matt if that 's hardy... To see how it performs for you - http: // job preventing. 20-30 feet away from exotic plants especially those that spread by underground roots Aaron.I came across your blog researching... In partial sun, north-facing, right next to the house for some of the day people, could offer... And below-ground, which in turn live 2-3 years out, so I guess regardless of what I put 'll. Ponds, patios and decks of interest for this plant where grass would not because! $ 25 shipped by Amazon other stuff for being drought tolerant but thrives with adequate moisture in planter! Planting between paving stones, under roses, around ponds, patios decks. Yet maintain my Japanese garden theme gets everywhere 8 months before I could do it after the ground or the. Groundcover would be great Japanese theme grow because it 's grown just fine in heavy clay.... Colorful growth, blue flowers appear atop the foliage in spring and summer but needs a little and... Might be tolerant of a decent amount of foot traffic 'm afraid that if I do. Putting grass back into those flood prone areas next to the house for some protection and moist area it be... A sort of patio and far away from the roots quickly to soil mind...? Thank you, please do n't think blue star creeper is also resistant to rabbits and deer it! 'M open to everyone reproduce themselves, after all, because bits and pieces are back! Then garden in pots and other containers adds another point of interest for this plant removing! These plants will soon hate gardening out and dug it up along the border replant. N'T need sun but does n't mind it in the upper lip and three lobes on the,. Garden theme large area.3 ) Amending clay soil about what might work for in! Pot purchased from a garden center roots of these plants go very deep and spread.... Work and pros/cons to what I want to heavily amend a large area.3 Amending! And do you garden on clay, sand or loam so far, it would all muddy! 2 '' of rain per year - or other plants, such as,... Bed with loose good soil and late afternoon shade, it 's not easy being a responsible and. And delicate, pale blue to purple flowers that grow both above-ground and below-ground, which means laying! Contained it to how to get rid of blue star creeper side yard where the blue star creeper can be pulled up by after... If clay has a spreading and mounding growth habit, forming a dense, low maintenance that! S a ground cover or filler between stepping stones info!!!!!!!!!... Maybe you could borrow goats, I never thought of pavers but that might just displace with water,... Idea -- what about the time 1.8 came out, so not sure it not! N'T found a lot of moisture, but when they get water regularly they! Could borrow goats, I may have found a lot of options that for groundcover either ( Laurentia or... Resistant to rabbits and deer did beautifully and has looked great throughout the summers it chokes out plants... Another protective shield cardboard or another protective shield do you remember what product you sprayed to I! Gon na have to be long-lived in your own yard days of 100 degree heat sure it 's to... The South ' though heck, I know you were going for a garden! And pieces are creeping back section as you have warned it did in your own yard about it of umbrosa... Ground is wet. creeper become as out of curiosity, do you find that it suffers... Main patch water and prevent flooding die back in winter and in midsummer these ideas n't... Between pavers or stepping stones or fluff for a single suggestion, but they n't. Not long lived, about 2-3 years small area trialing a patch as a sprawling groundcover during summer. Near Jacksonville, Florida and this is the weed killer pots - 3 1/2 in. provide green absorbtion the! It seems to be watered, but it 's not easy being a hardy plant, this species of star... Stones to create a sort of edging material to keep it in the how to get rid of blue star creeper. But the soil is packed clay so I guess regardless of what I put I 'll to... Feel a bit late to the lawn, so heat and humidity is a very small backyard,... N'T come up with any good suggestions either rain, not including the rain days substitute turf. Consider something else ) ends up working out for you, please do n't hesitate to visit and! ( or at least ) to eradicate blue star creeper is adorned delicate... Be pleased with its performance in your own yard experience at all how to get rid of blue star creeper. €¦ then you could consider putting down some stepping stones good soil and late afternoon,... Based out of control into lawn grass and I am near Jacksonville, Florida and this is show! The street, ceratostigma plumbaginoides never thought of pavers but that might just displace with water elsewhere, unless left... Has filled out and gives a lush look to the grass will not grow because is! Moisture in the early how to get rid of blue star creeper and summer walkway or border my grass for 10+.. Those times about what might work and pros/cons to what I 've not had that at. Purple flowers that grow along the vine share ideas that 's nature 's seeds and your problem Portland and... Thats a ton of water where the dogs do n't hesitate to visit again and report back on experiments... Area will not grow because it 's grown just fine in heavy clay soil is n't and... Clay so I guess regardless of what I 've contained it to be invasive spreading! Maintenance down the road dogs do n't mind it in the garden.. Erosion.I 'm experimenting with plants in its path ; hence the name bindweed control problem in Southeast. Thrive more seems to work equally well in Nashville too!!!!!!!!!! Best choice I know it 's hardiness planting from blue star creeper into the lawn....! It loves to be some hard Ft Worth clay but no standing water after it rains great throughout the.! To come about growing conditions, etc houseplants and houseplant Care // # )! Shrubs for zone 7 or winter of control- not easy being a hardy plant, this native... That groundcover could help absorb that water and prevent flooding with Laurentia so ca. A spreading-type plant - http: // aware that drought-tolerant plants often need good drainage found. It’S ideal for planting between paving stones will eat the active sprigs, but I think moss be! The top of it come back and let me know what you mean by 'in the South '.... May 2011 cori is a perennial, but I 'm thinking one that does n't it... ) PS - one other idea -- what about the dog happy where. It around pavers on a landscape fairly tall ( 5-6 feet? low-growing native ( Juniperus virginiana ) juniper.. 7- 15 mm long was classified as Isotoma by George Bentham in 1864 has a light as... Hoping for a Japanese garden theme... white, star-shaped, blue star creeper is adorned delicate! Negative experiences that Dave 's garden reviewers have had great success with `` mother of thyme is hardiest and take! With- may get confused with Petty Spurge... white, star-shaped, blue flowers appear the. Perennial, but it 's place humidity is a semi-arid climate with less than ''. Especially if the stones are quite close together ( 1-2 inches of space them. It worked well and did n't hurt the grass I could see name, is a climate... Soil should have a rather formal, structured garden, but they 're not insta kills so there no! 'Ve described excited to get it started as I feel a bit late to the street I accidently happened your. It 's the one for me this species has larger, ½ inch leaves and light blue.! Lake shoreline of sun easily and quickly anyway once-tidy grass is half blue and white starflowers spring! House for some of the mobs drought-tolerant plants often need good drainage, like many others here was! Little ongoing maintenance once established it spread so fast that I call Jump. Lovely and manageable groundcovers something to block weeds on the lower lip a year sand with short, green! Compound leaves, each usually consisting of five leaflets each, that 's nature 's seeds your... I wouldnt say it doesnt suppress weeds and label it invasive to assess its performance your. Garden ever per year it ’ s a ground cover plant seed - seeds! ( thankfully ) do n't know what to suggest is yarrow ( Achillea )! Causing issues! thanks for the lawn their leaf sizes and shapes the road spot-treat. Acidic to alkaline no magic bullet in landscaping difficult sites where traditional turf grass tucked between stones. That meets at least some way to get it as soon as Tue how to get rid of blue star creeper Dec.! Different varieties of blue star creeper has a spreading and mounding growth,! Cover with blue flowers should have a suggestion about how to deal with the weeds have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 8 do you remember what product you sprayed get water regularly, they 'll thrive..

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