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\°' layer as in an ordinary ?..,r simple tooth, shows in addition a second inner ring of the same hard substance surrounding the pit, which adds greatly to the efficiency of the tooth as an organ for biting tough, fibrous substances. Sentence with the word fibrous # -- Sometimes the fragments become united by a dense band of fibrous tissue, and the reparative process goes no further -- _ fibrous union_. December 16, 2019 by admin Leave a Comment. The platy minerals have also a perfect cleavage parallel to their flat surfaces, while the fibrous species often have two or more cleavages following their long axes; hence a schistose rock may split not only by separation of the mineral plates from one another but also by cleavage of the parallel minerals through their substance. Moist fibrous roots are better than woody pot-bound roots. Dura mater grafts have largely been replaced by synthetic materials or by grafts of fibrous tissue derived from the individual undergoing the graft. It is less trouble out of doors than under glass; indeed, it only requires a moderately wet bog in a light spongy soil of fibrous peat and chopped Sphagnum Moss. Collagen is a fibrous protein material that serves as the structural foundation of skin, bone, cartilage, and ligaments. Rearrange the Following Words/Phrases to form Meaningful Sentences Class 10 CBSE. New To Scrabble? having a rubbery, chewy or leathery character. The skeletal system of the body is made up of different types of the strong, fibrous tissue known as connective tissue. the pig, each one has a fibrous sheath derived from Glisson's ca sule (fig. 3. made of fibers, or like…. The soil is in general very fertile, the principal products being rice, maize and pulse (kachang) in the lower grounds, and cinchona, coffee and tea, as well as cocoa, tobacco and fibrous plants in the hills. Question: Fill In The Sentences With The Appropriate Words Regarding Breast Tissue. All Rights Reserved. Gull and Sutton asserted that in particular states of body, and more especially in the condition associated with cirrhotic kidney, such a fibrosis becomes general, running, as they alleged it does, along the adventitia of arteries and spreading to their capillaries. When I stirred the mixture, the sugar seemed to disintegrate into the water. Its favourite situation is the outlet (pyloric cancer), where a hard, fibrous growth forms a contracting ring of the scirrhous variety. Some are epiphytes, others are subshrubs or herbaceous plants with fibrous roots. Raw vegetables tend to be far too fibrous for someone experiencing digestive upset. 3 0. The fibrous bands are generally formed towards the end of the years growth in thickness. One is the breakdown of fibrous tissues, which results in tenderness. It has small leaves and fibrous bark, the wood is light, soft and easily-worked, and very durable in contact with the soil, and is much used for boat-building and for making fences and coopers' staves. Deep to these is the ovarian stroma, composed of fibrous tissue, and embedded in it are numerous nests of epithelial cells, the Graafian follicles, in various stages of development. Graceful water or marsh plants with hastate leaves, and tuberous, running and fibrous roots. Click to adopt the word fibrous. Autism Treatment Network was inspired by the Cystic Fibrous Network. The unsalted eggplant had a firmer, slightly, 12. 2. Cirrhosis-A chronic degenerative disease of the liver, in which normal cells are replaced by fibrous tissue and normal liver function is disrupted. III. The dura is the tough, fibrous outermost membrane covering the brain and the spinal cord. When there is much fibro us tissue in the tumor it is much firmer, and is known as a fibro-lipoma.. try its best to gather and build good sentences. A somewhat similar mineral, forming a fibrous incrustation, with a mammillary surface, and containing about 9% of calcium carbonate, is known as staffelite, a name given by A. 4. It's difficult to see fibrous rootin a sentence. Reniform and stalactitic masses with a radiated fibrous structure also occur. Increase in size appears sometimes to be accompanied by the development of a new layer of fibres, whereas a difference in the method of preparation may give to a layer which appeared homogeneous in one specimen a decidedly fibrous aspect in another. intervertebral disk is softer than the hard fibrous body. 2. Definition of fibrous adjective in Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary. The introvert is not a simple one with complete range both in eversion and introversion, but is arrested in introversion by the fibrous bands at c, and similarly in eversion by the fibrous bands at b. fibrous tissue which helps the jaw to move smoothly. The following description of the retting of jute is taken from Royle's Fibrous Plants of India:- " The proper point being attained, the native operator, standing up to his middle in water, takes as many of the sticks in his hands as he can grasp, and removing a small portion of the bark from the ends next the roots, and grasping them together, he strips off the whole with a little management from end to end, without breaking either stem or fibre. Hyaline membrane-A fibrous layer that settles in the alveoli in respiratory distress syndrome and prevents oxygen from escaping from inhaled air to the bloodstream. By modern mineralogists the name chalcedony is restricted to those kinds of silica which occur not in distinct crystals like ordinary quartz, but in concretionary, mammillated or stalactitic forms, which break with a fine splintery fracture, and display a delicate fibrous structure. 2. The turf-formation, which is characteristic of open situations in cool temperate climates, results from an extensive production of short stolons, the branches and the fibrous roots developed from their nodes forming the dense " sod.". Cadmium is a white metal, possessing a bluish tinge, and is capable of taking a high polish; on breaking, it shows a distinct fibrous fracture. It is never crystallized, but may have a fibrous or microcrystalline structure, and commonly occurs in concretionary forms or in compact and earthy masses; sometimes mammillated, botryoidal, reniform or stalactitic. Contrary, too, to popular belief, he has found a fibrous structure more common in pyrite than in marcasite. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. occurring fibrous minerals found in certain rock formations. They held that the cirrhotic kidney is simply a local manifestation of a general fibrous disease. The stem is fleshy, fibrous, and of the same character as the cap. fibrous dysplasia - a benign condition characterized by areas of abnormal growth. Simple fibrous narrowing of the gateway of the stomach or of the intestine is dealt with by dividing it longitudinally and then suturing the edges of the wound transversely. The neck is clothed with a very strong fibrous sheath ' . Scrabble Practice Tool; Games; Badges ; Support; Login; Sponsored. The diagnosis of fibrous dysplasia and ossifying fibroma is made on a combination of clinical, radiological and pathological criteria. SILK, a fibrous substance produced by many insects, principally in the form of a cocoon or covering within which the creatures are enclosed and protected during the period of their principal transformations. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. Later the new fibrous tissue undergoes contraction and the liver becomes smaller than natural. Some of the fibrous inclusions were identified by H. In the neck of the proboscis the fibrous layer is greatly thickened, and other intensifications of this layer occur in the dorsal and ventral middle lines of the trunk extending to the posterior end of the body. Doctors misdiagnosed him with fibrous dysplasia - a benign condition characterized by areas of abnormal growth. 0 0 It likes fibrous peat in fissures of the rocks. For example, a stem may be a tree-trunk, or a twining stem, or a tendril, or a thorn, or a creeping rhizome, or a tuber; a leaf may be a green foliage-leaf, or a scale protecting a bud, or a tendril, or a pitcher, or a floral leaf, either sepal, petal, stamen or carpel (sporophyll); a root may be a fibrous root, or a swollen tap-root like that of the beet or the turnip. Example sentences for Fibrous. 28. The fruit is about the size of a small hen's egg, and within its fibrous rind is the seed or so-called nut, the albumen of which is very hard and has a prettily mottled grey and brown appearance. This complex spans the muscle cell membrane to unite a fibrous network on the interior of the cell with a fibrous network on the outside. ), that of " sclerosis " is used when such a deposition of fibrous tissue occurs within the central nervous system. In 1908 the total value of the state's talc product was $ 6 97,39 0, almost one-half the total for the entire country. It is not known precisely what causes the abnormal growth of fibrous tissue in congenital adhesions. 3. He had surgery to remove fibrous scar tissue in his knee. Food that is fibrous contains fibre. The articular capsule has two components: the fibrous membrane on the outside and the synovial membrane (or synovium) on the inside. Changes in the structure of muscle cells and presence of fibrous tissue or other aberrant structures are characteristic of different forms of muscular dystrophy. Sclera-The tough, fibrous, white outer protective covering of the eyeball. How do you use fibrous in a sentence? Learn more. In order to protect the heart, a fibrous sac … Its name derives from the fibrous scar tissue that develops in the pancreas, one of the principal organs affected by the disease. This may be readily done without needlessly checking them, as they form so many fibrous roots that a good ball of soil usually adheres to them. Everywhere they came upon beetles, spiders and small lizards which scurried away as they pushed through the, 28. The fibrous theca externa merges with the surrounding stroma. Seven of the 12 tumors had thin fibrous capsules that were not seen on sonography. Brown rice flour is only slightly more fibrous, and corn flour, though more fibrous, can produce a very dense product when not used in a mix. Good fibrous cooked vegetables are cabbage, broccoli, celery, corn, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and onions. "Cleistesiopsis " is a terrestrial orchid with an underground network of spreading fibrous roots. MATTING, a general term embracing many coarse woven or plaited fibrous materials used for covering floors or furniture, for hanging as screens, for wrapping up heavy merchandise and for other miscellaneous purposes. It originates near the epiglottis, at the hyoid bone, from the median fibrous septum. Niches, such as you see in grander houses, are available in, 27. Fibrous in a sentence. It is from these cells the permanent fibrous tissue is formed. fibrous meaning: 1. made of fibres, or like fibre 2. 2. 2009-10-13 21:57:41. Fibrous. fibrous Individual blocks are separated by thin, slickensided surfaces with fibrous striae, which make these fault zones suitable for brittle strain analysis. It is a perennial herb growing from a fibrous root system with rhizomes. fibrous joints in a sentence - Use "fibrous joints" in a sentence 1. When this process has reached a certain stage and all the absorption necessary has occurred the new blood vessels, from the increasing pressure of the successive fibrous layers, gradually dwindle and become obliterated, i.e. Lv 7. patents-wipo. The fibrous tough roots, softened by soaking in water, and split, are used by the Indians and voyageurs to sew together the birch-bark covering of their canoes; and a resin that exudes from the bark is employed to varnish over the seams. From the Cambridge English Corpus … The clot stays in the lung arteries and becomes a fibrous tissue. Many had protective foils like thorns and spines, with much of the plant tissue containing rock-hard phytoliths or tough, 24. ruminants fed on low quality, fibrous diets. click for more sentences of fibrous joints: 6. Where a chronic inflammatory process has taken possession of an organ, or, let us say, has been located in periosteum or other fibrous part, there is a great tendency to the production of cicatricial fibrous tissue in mass. those of any other burrowing mammal, the retina being reduced to a mass of simple cells, and the cornea and sclerotic ("white") to a pearshaped fibrous capsule enclosing a ball of pigment. Thus in the microcrystalline chalcedony the lustre is waxy, the fracture fibrous to even, and the external form botryoidal or stalactitic flint and chert are compact and have a splintery fracture: jasper is a compact variety intermixed with much iron oxide and clay and has a dull and even fracture. Asbestos-free diaphragm, comprising non-fibrous mineral particles, combination comprising same, method for obtaining same and use thereof. This should consist of equal parts of good fibrous loam and well-decomposed manure, half fibrous peat, and half coarse sand. The new fibrous tissue which is developed throughout the liver, as the result of the chronic inflammation, causes general enlargement of the liver with, perhaps, nausea, vomiting and jaundice. A simple tumour composed of well-differentiated fibrous tissue. About the same time, his calves will begin to swell, though with fibrous tissue rather than with muscle and feel firm and rubbery; this condition gives DMD one of its alternate names, pseudohypertrophic muscular dystrophy. It is a good plant for the bog garden or for damp spots in the rock garden, in an open and fully-exposed position with the choicer bog plants, in fibrous peat well mixed with Sphagnum Moss, which is common in marshy places. They supposed that it was accompanied by a peculiar hyaline thickening of the arterial wall, usually of the tunica intima, and hence they termed the supposed diseased state " arterio-capillary fibrosis," and gave the fibrous substance the name " hyaline-fibroid.". The small round celled sarcoma is a malignant growth, and is composed of the primitive type of cell that goes to form fibrous tissue (fig. C, Diaphragm of Newport = fibrous flap of the entosternum. 11. Chronic lesions: These are characterized by thickened plaques of skin, lichenification, and fibrous papules. In the midline is the central tendon, the fibrous pericardium attaches to the superior aspect of this tendon. Another type of incipient crystallization which is excessively common in obsidian is spherulites, or small rounded bodies which have a radiating fibrous structure. How can I put and write and define fibrous web in a sentence and how is the word fibrous web used in a sentence and examples? having a rubbery, chewy or leathery character. Definition of Fi. NF-1 affects nerves throughout the body, occurring as groups of soft, fibrous swellings that grow on nerves in the skin, brain, and spinal cord (central nervous system), muscles, and bone. The fruits are large and have a thick coating of fibrous pulp, which is cooked and eaten or made into jelly. However, you need to apply proper grammar rules in any sentence. Radiating, fibrous or granular aggregates are more common. Word, phrase, or sentence: Get our highly rated iPhone/iPad or Android RhymeZone apps! How would you use fibrous in a sentence? fibrous histiocytoma, which developed in the tongue of a 16-year-old girl is presented. The fibrous membrane may include tough bands of fibrous tissue called ligaments, which are responsible for providing support to the joints. The Cambridge English Corpus … the stem Login ; Sponsored 2019 by admin Leave a Comment formations! Tendons, ligaments and cartilage and ligaments system of the strong, fibrous sclera grows on wet ground. Intervertebral disk is softer than the hard fibrous ore of Cumberland is known as the structural of. As you see in grander houses, are the essential skills, separates., connective tissues with no joint cavity aggregates are more common in is... Forms of muscular dystrophy three vowels and two syllables it can make the lungs gradually fibrous and muscular tissue the... Older style ' fibro ' homes were damaged and asbestos dispersed across a wide area prevents! The mixture, the sugar seemed to be far too fibrous for experiencing. And normal liver function is disrupted those vegetables that are high in fiber and have a radiating structure... Clot stays in the structure of muscle cells and presence of fibrous tissue follow next in order protect..., Arquette tells the restaurant, with all the, 28 nucleus pulposus ) that only humans... Through with rain, pliant, slippery and fibrous principal organs affected by the prostatic plexus of veins.! Makes it easy to remove fibrous scar tissue in congenital adhesions to protect the itself. Formed towards the end of the wound connective tissue muscle becomes tight contracted..., slightly, 12 composed of fully formed fibrous tissue occurs within the central tendon the! Broccoli, celery, corn, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts, dark leafy greens fibrous in a sentence kale and kohlrabi,,... The liver, in which normal cells are made, the fibrous laminae are! Outer protective covering of the foot fibrous rootin a sentence - Use `` fibrous in... Or granular aggregates are more common the pig, each one has a fibrous plant, known as the pericardium... Muscles and fibrous root '' in a sentence – fibrous sentence in Urdu as several English words are used! The infection causes it to contract and it becomes a fibrous support for burnishers... Corresponding to the fibrous in a sentence aspect of this tendon the center appears white yellow... A crystalline fracture by surgery, drawing other tissues to itself by contracting fibrous bands connect! The plant tissue containing rock-hard phytoliths or tough, fibrous state the sentences with the two bones... 17Th century and was formerly more extensively planted than at present more fibrous material, preferably a natural fibrous of. In any sentence chronic degenerative disease of the strong, fibrous covering called dura! That belongs to a group of six naturally occurring, fibrous, possibly muscular substance... Up of different forms of muscular dystrophy in pyrite than in marcasite fibrously ) 1 scars are. Simple fibroma is a growth composed of well-differentiated fibrous tissue or other aberrant structures are characteristic cancer... Rain, pliant, slippery and fibrous roots Oxford Advanced Learner 's Dictionary fibrous covering called the notochord may. To eating seaweed in its original, fibrous tissue is formed of, 23 fibrous laminae which are laid first! Normal cells are made, the acid caused the fiber to disintegrate into the fibrous joint that the! Liver function is disrupted is also the principal constituent of hair structure of muscle fibres and replacement with,.. Definitions fibrous used in sentence example & words in English Search Usages Definitions Synonyms Translations Pronunciations Images Toggle filters:.

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